garbage & recycling services

GARBAGE SERVICE is scheduled once per week on Wednesday mornings. Each household is allowed one garbage container of trash per week.

CURBSIDE RECYCLING: The City has a mandatory curbside recycling program to help keep our environment safe and landfill costs down. Recyclable items are picked up the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. The City's provider, Town and County Disposal provides each household with a recycling container. Recycling containers are for recyclable items only. Any garbage found in recycling containers will not be picked up. In order to keep recycling items clean and dry, the recycling containers must be used strictly for recyclable items only. If you move from your residence, the container must remain with the home. To learn more about the items accepted with this program - click here.

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Do not recycle Christmas Paper or the gift bags this Christmas

If residents have problems, questions or concerns with regard to the service of garbage or recycling services, they should contact Town & Country Disposal at 712-472-2493.

COMPOST DUMP SITE: this site is only to be used for yard debris such as grass clippings, leaves, and small tree branches. It is located south of the city garage on South Central Ave. Cardboard and aluminum recyling are also collected in this area.